Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Valentine bags

What was I thinking?? I could have just sent store-bought valentine cards like the other parents will probably do, and saved a lot of time and money. But no, I decided I would make some cute Valentines for the boys to take to school. I made 33 of them! It actually took several hours from start to finish. I sure hope they appreciate them.

I used the Tags, Bags, and Boxes Cricut cartridge. I made the red bags using the window function, and then took the heart that it cut out of the window and used it to embellish the pink bags. They are filled with different flavors of Hershey's Hugs and Kisses.
Next year, I'm probably going to WalMart instead!


Fink said...

What cute bags!!!!! They are so fun!

Ali said...

I do hope they appreciate them. I remember last year doing something like that, I swear, it almost gave me a heart-attack! Haven't done a single one since and DEFINATELY not doing any this year. LOL.

p.s. Great to see you posting again. Didn't much like the silence:-)