Monday, April 13, 2009

"Hoppy" Easter!

I was elected to cook Easter dinner this year by my mother. Nobody in my immediate family likes the traditional Easter foods (ham, sweet potatoes, etc), so I made Aussie pies, Broccoli and Cauliflower au gratin, and honey ginger glazed carrots. But, the piece de resistance was the bunny cupcakes!
I also took a few nature shots while we were at my parents house.

Here is a swarm of termites on an old piece of wood:

A wolf spider literally walking on water:
The storks by the water garden:
A wisteria bloom:

And my two favorite wild animals:

I hope you had a great Easter too!


CKMommy said...

great pictures Karen! Love the one of your favorite Wild Animals!


Ali said...

I love those bunny cakes. SO cute and SO EDIBLE, yummy!!! LOL. The nature pics are cool esp. the spider walking on water! Good to see you blogging. I miss it when you don't (I know it's a little case of the kettle calling the pot black! I don't get to mine that often either ;-) )

And last but not least, THOSE BOYS, omw THOSE boys are the cutest!!!!! Love how they are always happy!.

Andrea Amu said...

Great pix, girl! Your Easter menu sounded wonderful, but I don't know what aussie pies are!

Library Bunny said...

those cupcakes are ADORABLE!!! great pics girl.

Stampin' Meg said...

I love all the pix (except the bugs!!!)

joybear said...

Your boys are too cute!!!! The termite shot is cool and their water garden is beautiful!!

wendyp said...

that termite shot is amazing. I've never really seen them like that. Adorable shot of the boys!!!