Sunday, August 3, 2008

Finally, a new reel

I've been through 3 old Shakespeare and Zebco reels in the past couple of months. We finally sprang for a decent reel. I know, the green reel totally clashes with my blue rod, but when cost is a factor, you get what you get. This is my first experience with a baitcast reel, and there's definitely a learning curve. I created a birdnest of epic proportions this morning. It was such a mess, it took about 20 minutes for me to get it untangled. But, I'm learning and I'm casting it a little further each time. So... here fishy fishy!

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ChrissyG said...

Way to go Karen. I just started my blog last week. I thought the same thing you did, who would want to read about my hum drum boring life. Oh well, what the heck right?
Chrissy from CX