Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Betty Lou Layout

I love all things 50’s so this cartridge was a must-have for me! There are so many iconic images on this cart, I had trouble picking which ones I wanted to use, but when I decided to scrap a picture of my 57 Chevy, there was the perfect cut in the manual. This cartridge also has an awesome 50’s style font. That alone makes this cartridge worth having, the tons of other cuts are just an added bonus!

I started my layout by cutting two rectangles of the patterned paper and positioning them on my white background. Then I added the die cuts and title. I added the jewels in the corners because I just have to have some bling on almost every project. Lastly, I added the three stripes in the bottom corner because they somehow remind me of a car. (I don’t know how, but they do!)

1 comment:

Andrea Amu said...

This is really cool! I didn't get this cart but it would be a fun one to have!